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Tanya Jewell

BORN: Sydney, Australia

HEIGHT: 6 ft


NETBALL CAREER: I played competitive club netball from primary school through university in Australia. After moving to the US, I had a 10-year break before joining San Diego United Netball Club in April 2006.

INTERESTING FACTS: I attended 12 different schools growing up.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: Fun social sport that helps me stay fit.

Bev Pamensky Murray

BORN: Johannesburg, South Africa

HEIGHT: 5' 4"


NETBALL CAREER: Played at school from age 6.

INTERESTING FACTS: Due to my love for netball, I started the San Diego United Netball Club in 2003.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: It is a great team sport and I have always enjoyed the administrative aspect of netball.

Steph Edmunds

BORN: Sydney, Australia

HEIGHT: 5' 4"


NETBALL CAREER: I started playing when I was 8. I played for a year with the Phoenix Heat and now with San Diego United.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: I love playing because it’s fun. I love playing in America because of all the great people from all over the world you get to meet.

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Beach lifeguard

Heather Schafer

BORN: Los Angeles, CA, USA

HEIGHT: 5'9"

POSITIONS: TBD - I'm having a great time playing them all!

NETBALL CAREER: Started playing Spring 2007 with SD United.

INTERESTING FACTS: I like to swim in the ocean.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: It’s a fun game with a lot of action
and teamwork. I’ve met a lot of people and I’ve learned several new words/phrases!

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Taking inventory at 2 past jobs-ugh. The jobs weren’t bad-just the inventory

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: I still love my old profession as a paralegal. I also taught handicapped children to ride horses-very rewarding.

Sharon Semple

BORN: Singapore

HEIGHT: 5' 9"


NETBALL CAREER: Started playing at 11 for the school, went on to play for Fareham and Fleet, had a break between 1998 and 2003 while living in Sweden and then began again for San Diego United. Retired 2 years ago and am wheeled out for International Day!


WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: Because of the camaraderie.

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Never had a job I hated.

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: The ones I have now.

Naomi Hooper

BORN: Norwich, England

HEIGHT: 5' 5"

POSITIONS: Anywhere but GA/GS

NETBALL CAREER: Played netball all through school from the age of 10. Also played in the Norfolk Squad. More recently played in a team called the Knights in the Norwich league.

INTERESTING FACTS: New to America and got married in Las Vegas.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: I’ve played for 20 years and still love it. Also love the social side of the netballing world!

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Paper round!

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Homemaker!! AKA lady of leisure!

Kate West

BORN: Kent, England

HEIGHT: 158cm


NETBALL CAREER: Since age 7 – school, university and local leagues.

INTERESTING FACTS: Am one of 9 children.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: Running round after a ball to keep fit is much more fun than going to the gym.

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Kitchen hand in a smelly pub

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Working for Pfizer in California.

Karen Getten-Powell

BORN: Kingston, Jamaica

HEIGHT: 5' 2"


NETBALL CAREER: Discovered the sport in 2nd form of High school played junior and senior high school leagues. Made Jamaica's Under 19 and 21 National teams and also Jamaica Business House All Stars. Played Jamaica National Leagues and Business House Leagues prior to relocating to the US, where I continued to play.

INTERESTING FACTS: Hmmmm I guess I'm a pretty plain person, nothing interesting about me.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: It kept me balanced as a young person and is also great stress reliever and you meet so many people

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Telemarketer with a Time Share Company

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Being a stay at home mom!

Bex Cowie

BORN: Aberdeen, Scotland

HEIGHT: 5' 5"

POSITIONS: Still working that out. So far WA/WD

NETBALL CAREER: I played socially at school - over 10 years ago - before finding San Diego Netball.

INTERESTING FACTS: I grew up in New Zealand and went to Antarctica for my PhD research.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: I enjoy keeping active and being social.

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Any of my past waitressing jobs.

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: My current job - although I think living in sunny California helps!

Catherine Knights

BORN: Suffolk, England

HEIGHT: 5' 1"


NETBALL CAREER: Started playing at Primary school as a GD (was the tallest then believe it or not!!). Played all through middle and high school. Played in local leagues in Suffolk. Moved to Brighton and played in local leagues there too. Before moving to US in 2004, I was playing 4 times a week.

INTERESTING FACTS: I won Victrix Ludorum at school for Sport.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: It's a great way of meeting people who also love the game.

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: I once picked carrots for a living!!

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Well, I'd have to say my current one, or my sister (Justine) will kill me! Also worked for a conservation trust once which was a great job too - met David Bellamy.

David Klein

BORN: Chicago, Illinois

HEIGHT: 5'8"


NETBALL CAREER: I was introduced to Netball during a four week training session at the ‘Y’ in July 2009. It was a great workout in between soccer seasons and I enjoyed finding a new sport since I’m a competition junkie. I was happily surprised when SD United invited me to join the team, it’s been a blast, especially playing in tournaments and meeting new people.

INTERESTING FACTS: I now know what a skort is but I’m not quite brave enough to wear one on court.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: I’ve met some awesome people who were very supportive of an American guy learning how to play their sport, and I’ve been ‘educated’ in all sorts of interesting British phrases. Oh, the social events aren’t bad either.

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Summer job in college as a telemarketer. It was a horrible experience having to cold call people and convince them to buy junk they neither wanted nor needed.

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Spent a career in the Navy, saw the world and managed to settle in paradise – San Diego!

Celia Jenkinson

BORN: Oxford, England

HEIGHT: 5' 9"


NETBALL CAREER: School, University, Club

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: Fitness, fun and socializing

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Once worked on a prawn-trawler in Australia for 6 weeks

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Working in a bar during America's Cup

Kerrin Jasper

BORN: Albany, Australia

HEIGHT: 180cm


NETBALL CAREER: Played netball since 7 years old. Played A grade netball in Perth for 10 years and State league in Perth for 5 years.

INTERESTING FACTS: Love horse riding. Commute to Australia every 3 months.

WHY NETBALL IS IMPORTANT TO YOU: Fitness, socialization and keeps me moving. Love the comradarie and friendships made.

WORST JOB EVER HAD!: Nursing! Dish pig at Winery

BEST JOB EVER HAD!: Nursing! Being a Mummy :)





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